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DJ Kemistry

Currently hailing from the Big Easy, DJ Kemistry has quickly become infamous for his ultra-high-energy party rocking style of mixing. With a deep love for all music, his unique brand of spinning is infused with hints of hip hop, rock, pop, 80′s and electro house to achieve one mission: putting bodies on the dance floor. His self-written remixes and blends are coveted by other DJs everywhere but most remain unreleased to make his live appearances truly one of a kind. In a DJ Kemistry set you will hear so many tracks mixed together your iPod might get jealous. He has quickly became as go-to-DJ for large-scale events and concerts in the area. In addition to spinning for corporate clients such as Guess Clothing and Saks Fifth Avenue, he was called upon by Citadel Broadcasting to bring his talents to the one hip-hop station in Baton Rouge, Max 94.1. During his 2 years performing a daily live mix shows, he gained praise and local celebrity status among the 35,000+ students of LSU. As a founding member of Force Feed Radio, Kemistry has created a fusion of classic Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, and Dance blends more creative than regular radio play and now available for the masses.

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